New Cadets

1. I am a new cadet.  I have received my new CAP ID number… Now what?

First things, first:  Sign up for an electronic services (eServices) account and accomplish some initial online training.  Use the following links to see how:

You need Adobe Reader to read this document:  Cadet Online Testing User Guide (creating eServices account, OpSec, Testing)

2. I’ve established my online eServices account, how do I get a free ‘Blues’ uniform? 

The Cadet Uniform Program provides new cadets with the main ingredients of an Air Force style blues uniform at no cost to the cadet (while federal funds remain available).  Visit the Cadet Uniform Program page here.

3. I’ve done the online sign-up and initial online training, what are the ranks and how do I promote? 

You can see what you need for each promotion here.  You can also take a look at the cadet super chart.  Be sure to talk to speak with your element leader, too.  They can point you in the right direction as well.

That should get you started!  You can also visit the following website for more information: CLICK HERE.

4. Where do I find the Fairfax Cadet Promotion Tracker? 

Simply select this LINK.

5. Where do I find information on the Cadet Promotion Board of Review?

Select this LINK.